Activities at Elm Lodge

Activities and activation within our care home add to the quality of life of our residents. It is important that each resident pursues their hobbies and recreational interests when in care for their own physical and mental well-being.

Activities at Elm Lodge

For residents with dementia it is even more important that as part of their personal care plan, we create a unique activities programme tailored to their social history. This enables us to engage them throughout the day with positive interaction and stimulation and helps maximise their abilities.

Activities and activation can have a huge effect on the quality of life for the residents and helps to reduce depression, loneliness, boredom and dependency. Regular activities also help build relationships between our residents and staff.

Our activity and activation provisions include:

How can activities help someone with dementia?

Helping people with dementia to remain physically and socially active has a great impact on their well being, and activities and activation plays a vital role in helping to achieve this aim. Taking part in activities helps residents to maintain their skills and in turn encourages them to become more alert and interested in what is going on around them.

Activities at Elm Lodge

Many activities are designed to be interesting and fun. Carrying out simple tasks can also make residents feel better about themselves by giving them a sense of achievement. Some types of activity can even lead residents to express their feelings.

Types of Activities

Some of our activities are carried out in groups, whilst others are designed to give one to one time for those residents who are otherwise unable to participate. Some activities provide an opportunity to encourage physical movement and gentle exercise – the list is endless in terms of what can be offered and is influenced as much by physical need as well as personal taste. We encourage social activities, including playing board games, cards or gardening. Sometimes reminiscence plays an important part of the routine for residents.

Other activities include:

We often invite outside entertainers to visit our homes too. Local schools are also encouraged to allow pupils to visit the home and perform songs or other activities, including short plays or themes

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